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Steps for Installing RAC with ASM on Oracle Database 12c

Last updated on January 17th, 2016 at 06:56 am

Hi Friends,

In  continuation to my previous posts on Workshop on RAC and ASM and 12c New Feature Pluggable Database. Today I am posting the installation steps for RAC with ASM on the latest Oracle Database 12c release, which I managed to install on my laptop.

Disclaimer: Please consider this as only checklist and steps and not a end-to-end installation guide to install RAC with ASM on Oracle Database 12c.

Following is the list of steps which I had performed for my installation:

1. Download Oracle VM VirtualBox from here.
2. Download Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 from Edelivery



3. Download Oracle 12c Database for Linux 64 bit (2 Parts – size ) from Edelivery (highlighted in above image)
4. Download Oracle 12c Database Grid for Linux 64 bit (2 Parts – size ) from Edelivery (highlighted in above image)
5. Install VM Virtual Box and OEL 6 on VM Virtual Box.
VirtualBox Guest Additions Package can be installed from this location. Post installation it will prompt you to install the extension package which can be downloaded from here.
6. OEL6 comes with pre-installed oracle users and oinstall users. Ensure that you select the package oracle-rdbms-server-11gR2-preinstall available under system tools. More information on this is available here.
7. At this point, its better if you take the snapshot of your virtual machine. This would help you to avoid repeating the previous steps incase of any issues.
8. Setup the .bash_profile, grid_env and db_env in oracle user home directory.
9. Setup the public ip address, vip address, private address and scan address in the /etc/hosts file.
10. Create directory for oracle database and inventory.
11. Copy the Oracle Software and Grid Software to the path you had mentioned in the .bash_profile.
12. Go to the Grid/rpm directory and install rpm cvuqdisk-1.0.9-1.rpm.
13. Create ASM disks and make it shareable. Login as root  partition the disks created under /dev using fdisk command.
14. Install oracleasmlib-2.0.4-1.el6.x86_64.rpm. Use the oracleasm command to createdisks for asm using the disks created in step 12.
15. Clone the Virtual Machine for second node. Ensure that firewall on both the machine are disabled.
16. Configure the second node for Network (for public address and vip address)
17. Setup the SSH password less connectivity to avoid the user equivalence error.
18. Copy the Oracle 12c database files in the inventory location (under /u01)
19. Install the Grid (from /u01/grid/runInstall)
20. This will invoke Installer for Oracle Grid Infrastructure. The wizard includes 13 steps. Including mainly cluster configuration and Creation of ASM Disk Groups.
21. Now, the system is ready to install the Oracle 12c Database (goto /u01/database and run ./runInstaller)
22. At this point, its better if you take the snapshot of your virtual machine again. This would help you to avoid repeating the previous steps in case of any issues.
23. The above command will launch the Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Installer, which is again a 13 steps.
24. Login into the sqlplus and confirm the installation. As shown in below screenshot:

Some Errors which I came across while installing RAC with ASM:

1. OEL6 by default gets installed without desktop and GUI. Default package installation of OEL6 does not include desktop GUI installation. This was resolved by clicking on custom option and selecting the desktop view. (You can also choose either gnome or kde)
2. User Equivalence Error.  This was resolved by setting the SSH connectivity and disabling the firewall.
3. Network ethernet settings post clone were not set up properly this led to error while setting up the cluster settings at the time of GRID installation.
4. I missed out step to install cvuqdisk-1.0.9-1.rpm.
5. ASM location was not showing during the GRID installation. This was due to the missing oracleasm rpm.
6. First installation failed because of shortage of disk space. Only 25GB of disk space which was allocated. This was resolved by allocating 35GB to the virtual disk. In addition to this I had allocated 5GB to each ASM disks. Making the total space for the installation for 1 rac node 50GB and if I include the clone node the total installation used up 85GB. Since ASM disks were shared between the nodes.
7. During the Database installation. Database was showing as ‘orcl.localdomain’ by default. This had to be changed to RAC as configured in the .bash_profile file.

Hope you find this steps and content useful for installing RAC on Oracle 12c with ASM. Please feel free to leave your comments.

Happy ‘RAC’ ing 🙂

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